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Meet a Greeter in Touraine Nature

Rencontrer un Greeter en Touraine Nature

Greeter: a friendly face in Touraine Nature

Do you live in Langeais, Bourgueil, Château-la-Vallière…Do you like your town? Are you proud of it?
Do you have a favourite stroll, anecdotes, hidden wonders and other tips to share?
Then becoming the first greeter in Touraine Nature is for you!

Greeters: what are they?

Greeters are local volunteer hosts passionate about their area. They offer visitors the chance to enjoy a free and friendly welcome and share with them places that have a special meaning to them and other anecdotes.They are not guides but more like newly met friends who want to share their passion while doing a walking tour “off the beaten tracks” and discover their town or village.
In order to preserve the authenticity of these encounters based upon sharing and exchange, greets will welcome small groups up to a maximum of six people. Each greet is unique: both personalities, the visitor’s and the greeter’s, being closely intertwined with each other. Each “greet” will be booked in advance and can last two hours or more according to the arrangement previously made between the Greeter and the visitor.

A fully tried and tested participative tourism

The first Greeter initiative was started the United States in 1992. The idea was to let tourists see New York through an insider’s eyes. This concept soon spread worldwide.
This new offer, so-called “participative”, was born Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 in Touraine initiated by the Tourist Office of Tours Val de Loire wishing the residents of Tours to become the best possible tourism ambassadors for the area. Driven by this success (123 « Greets » in 2013) the Greeters of Tours spreads throughout Touraine.

Become the 1st “Greeters” in Touraine Nature!

You live in Langeais, Bourgueil, Château-la-Vallière…, you love your town or village and are proud of it?
Do you have a favourite stroll, anecdotes, hidden wonders and other tips to share?
Be the first Greeters of your area!

Affiche "Devenez Greeters" en Touraine Nature
“Become our future Greeter”


Do you wish to become a Greeter?

For further information, please contact our Tourist Offices : nos Offices de Tourisme
in Langeais : +332 47 96 58 22,
in Bourgueil : +332 47 97 91 39
or consult our “Contact” page.

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