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Spectacle Les Loges de la Vigne

The « Théâtre de la jeune plume » meets you in the vineyards.

Several performances are scheduled for the public to discover the changing and moving popular theatre of the « Troupe de la jeune plume ». Here is meeting point of Clarisse Léon’s and Patrick Charrier’s work, a combination of personnal and collective work. Make a note of it and don’t forget to book !

Les loges de la Vigne

Aimée Boisantin puts on her show

Set for about 20 spectators per perfomance, this original creation is played in a vineyard lodge (an old traditional shelter built amidst the vines).
The public is greeted in the heart of the vineyard by Aimée Boisantin, an 87 years old native of Touraine region, daughter of Tuffeau limestone and Bacchus’lover. Seated at her side around a simple wooden table, lit by an ageless lantern, the audience will soon be raptured in a fascinating tale relating time passing by, the « vouésine » (neighbour), the « quéniaux » (kiddies) and the unbelievable stormy night back in 1937. Aimée Boisantin narrates the stories with her usual good humour. Beware, she doesn’t miss a single thing ! Her delectable accent, her keen sense of humour and her outspokenness are a promise of a unique evening. And if by any chance she likes the looks of you, you may have the privilege of tasting her very latest vintage and her « pork jam » from last spring.

Aimée Boisantin dans Les Loges de la Vigne

Useful information

Vineyards lodges

On July 20th, 21th, 22th, 24st, 25st, 26st, 27st, 28st and 29st 2017 at 8:30pm.
On July 23th, 30th, 2017 at 6:00pm.
The address will be given when booking

Rates and Booking

Single rates €15,00/ pers.
Booking necessary : +33 (0)2 47 58 96 58 or