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Canoës en Touraine Nature

The art of living together naturally

In the northwest of Indre-et-Loire, near Anjou, extends the territory of Touraine Nature.
Touraine Nature, it is the meeting between the great vineyards of the country of Bourgueil, the Loire Valley landscapes with majestic castles and the large areas of lakes and forests of Castelvalérie.

History in the course of the Loire River

A vélo au Château de Gizeux

A unique built heritage

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance period, the splendid scenery of the Loire is the theater of the great facts of history. For several centuries, kings of France and lords built in the Loire Valley, impressive fortresses, prestigious castles and elegant mansions. A remarkable architectural heritage which knew how to cross ages and today unveils its treasures : the Château of Langeais, impressive medieval fortress, theater of the wedding of the Duchess Anne of Brittany and king Charles VIII, the Château of Champchevrier, Renaissance treasure in the heart of a vast forest full of game, the Château of Gizeux, exceptional family home and its famous gallery of castles.

The magnificent Loire River

A soft climate, some hilly landscapes, an exceptional fauna and a unique concentration of the most beautiful castles of France, many assets which make of the Loire Valley a mecca for nature and history. Of all time, men have sought to tame the river, wild and capricious. Until the last century, the navy of the Loire ensured the transport of persons and goods. Today, thanks to the passion of a few men, the traditionnal sailing is reborn on the Royal River. Traditional barges, toues, futreaux and other flat-bottomed boats offer to curious visitors to explore from the river, all the charm of the Loire Valley, listed as World Heritage in 2000 by UNESCO.

Vins de Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil

Vineyards and terroir

Renowned vineyards

In the country of Bourgueil, for over 1,000 years, the art of cultivating the vine is passed from generation to generation. Marked with the bucket of two renowned AOC*, the vineyard extends from the valley to the hill, on about 2,300 hectares. Produced from a single grape variety, the “Cabernet Franc“, wines of Bourgueil and Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, red or pink, bloom in beautiful cellars carved into the “tuffeau” to offer a bouquet of a unique finesse*. Two soils and two great names to discover :

  • The Vineyards of Bourgueil, in the south, extend on about 1,300 hectares and give life to soft and fruity wines from the gravel and strong and tannic wines from the tuffeau rock.
  • The Vineyards of Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, in the north, extend on about 1,000 hectares and produce soft wines from the gravel, very fruity and fleshy wines from lands rich in clay and limestone.

Local products

Country of cuisine “par excellence”, the Touraine offers a whole pallet of flavors: rillettes de Tours, rillons, géline, poires tapées, Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, saffron, asparagus, strawberries or mushrooms, without forgetting the famous fishes of the Loire. Every week, the stalls of the markets of Langeais and Bourgueil abounds in fresh products stemming from the knowledge of our livestock farmers, market gardeners and small local producers. Flavors and fragrances you can find on one of our fine table accompanied by a noble wine of the country of Bourgueil.

The spectacle of Nature

A mosaic of protected landscapes

Staying in Touraine Nature, it is the promise to revitalize yourself in the heart of a beautiful unspoilt nature, interspersed with a mosaic of diverse landscapes. In the south, the Loire valley, celebrated by Balzac, is punctuated by charming small villages of tufa. By walking north from the banks of the Royal River, your eye embraces beautiful landscapes of mills, vines lodges and straight vineyards. Then pines and chestnuts forests of the Regional Natural Park Loire-Anjou-Touraine make their entrance. The vast massif here extends over several hectares, crossed by small sandy paths and streams flowing gently to the Loir. Then, the forest gives way to the bocage of the tray of Savignéen and its ground of ” crouas “, composed of fossils of the sea of faluns. Then it is the turn of the peaceful Lake of Rillé to come on stage. This sensitive natural area, real haven of peace for birds, is the ideal place to relax as closely as possible to the nature. About 200 species of birds have been observed (herons, great crested grebes, knights, ducks) there, thus making of Rillé a unique bird sanctuary in Touraine. The vast woodlands of Castelvalérie which then extend up to the gates of the Ludois basin, are the opportunity to reassess the spectacle of a beautiful protected nature.

Numerous outdoors leisures activities

Baignade au lac de Château-la-Vallière

Throughout the year, the multi-facets landscapes of Touraine Nature are the theater of varied activities. An extensive network of marked trails and cyclo-tourist loops, fitted on nearly 1000km, allows hikers, cyclists and horse riders to enjoy a beautiful generous nature. It will not be rare indeed, to perceive the distant squalls of a deer or to cross the silent flight of a black stork.
For the amateurs of diving and sunbathing, the sandy beaches of our three lakes of bathing will be the opportunity for a refreshing break in the heart of summer. The sporty ones will also enjoy long bike rides on the edges of the Loire and our 18-hole golf course in the heart of an exceptional wooded.

*Controlled designation of origin. Warning : alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume it with moderation.

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