Langeais & Bourgueil

The stones are doing their best

Spectacle pour enfants de la compagnie Tafftas

A dreamlike garden, sounds to play with, images to dream about…

The Tafftas company invits you on January 24th 2015 in Bourgueil to let yourself drift into a world of metamorphosis and small pleasures with “The stones are doing their best”, a surprising show for the little ones.
©Pascal Petit

Let’s focus on the company Tafftas

After living the adventure of the Ramodal Company, Samuel Galhaut, Philippe Dulin and Jean-Pierre Dulin got together to create a show for the little ones. “The stones are doing their best” was born out of a garden dedicated to corporal expression, music, lightning effects, video and the desire to create an open-space where movement flows.

Looking at the creative process

The Company draws on an extract from a collection of poems by Jean Rousselot: Les Petits Poèmes pour Coeurs pas cuits (Small Poems for Uncooked Hearts).

“If you see a snail out of order, don’t do anything
It’ll get through on its own.
You could vex it.
Or -who knows- even make it sick.
The same advice applies to stars.
If you see a star at the wrong place on the shelves of the sky
It probably has its reasons.
It’s also not recommended to push the river
on its back to make it flow faster:
The river is already doing her best.
Ah, I almost forget, the stones are doing their best too
while they wait to go inside the concrete mixer.
So don’t kick them even sneakily.”

Useful information

Les cailloux font ce qu'ils peuvent à Bourgueil

The stones are doing their best

Saturday, 24th January at 5.30pm
Salle des fêtes – Place Marcellin Renault – 37140 Bourgueil
From 12 months to 112 years old.

Rates and Booking

Rates : €4 / person.
Bookings: from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm at the town hall of Bourgueil and at 4.30pm on the day of the show.
Thank you to contact Gwendoline Dos Santos (cultural affairs service) : +33 (0)2 47 97 25 14 or Nathalie Bonneau (communication service) : +33 (0)2 47 97 25 16 or by email :