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The small gestures for the planet during my vacation

Vacances vertes

During my vacation, I consume smart and I respect the environment

During your stay in Touraine Nature, consume smart and adopt an eco-responsible behavior. Small simple gesture for the planet can also be practiced during your vacation.

The good behavior

  • I use less polluting or appropriate ways of transportation: bike, bus, walking …
  • I avoid taking the plane, I always choose the most direct routes to minimize my mileage
  • I contribute to the development of local entreprises and know-how, by buying regional products for example. I go to the market on the meeting of the small producers, I value the regional small business sector.
  • During my purchases, I prefer the big sizes to the individual packagings.
  • I participate in the selective sorting to value my recyclable waste.
  • I moderate my consumption of water and energy:
  • I prefer a shower to a bath,
  • I get back the rainwater for the garden,
  • I leave my car in the rain to wash it,
  • I switch off the light in the not busy rooms,
  • I close shutters at night to keep the heat.
  • During my travels or hikes, I do not leave my waste or butts in the nature and keep them with me until I find a trash can.
  • I walk on paths marked out not to destroy the vegetation and so decrease the erosion.
  • While fishing, I respect zones and periods of fishing.
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