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Mister Morris Lessmore’s fantastic flying books

Les fantastiques livres volants de M. Morris Lessmore

1,2,3… Ciné ! in Touraine Nature

For the great pleasure of the smallest, ” 1, 2, 3… Ciné ! ” proposes all year round a large selection of movies, adapted to all the ages. On October 11th and 19th 2014, the movie “Mister Morris Lessmore’s fantastic flying books” will be presented in Langeais and Bourgueil’s theaters.

Mister Morris Lessmore’s fantastic flying books – Trailer

Five short movies about the infinite powers of imagination

It’s necessary to evoke the beautiful harmony of the program “Les Fantastiques Livres volants de Mister Morris Lessmore”. Framed by two Oscars for Best Animated Short Film (Mr. Hublot, in 2014, and “Les Fantastiques Livres volants…., in 2012), he includes five short films from six till fifteen minutes which evoke each in their own way, also in the story which he tells than in the shape they take, the infinite powers of imagination. Each is enough varied to offer a real journey. They compose one after one a carillon so pleasant within which five solitary protagonists – as all the artists – seem to offer each their story in echo of the previous one.

Monsieur Hublot

M. Hublot

M. Hublot hates change and unforeseen things. The arrival of a robot dog in his life will upset his habits because he is forced to live with this new highly intrusive companion.

Le petit blond avec un mouton blanc

Le petit blond avec un mouton blanc

It is the start of the school year. Small Pierre escapes from the greyness of the school during a writing : he dips back into the holidays memories with… his sheep!



At the beginning of the 50s in New York. Jack, an enthusiast of paint, skims the museums of the city to steal paintings…



In a managed world timed by the light, a ordinary man sets up a plan which could change the normal progress of things.

Les fantastiques livres volants

Les fantastiques livres volants de M.Morris Lessmore

While M. Lessmore is writing its memoirs at his home, a sudden storm rages and takes him in distant one country where books take life and tell him a big story…

Useful Information

  • Langeais, on October 11th, 2014 at 11am in the space Jean Hugues Anglade – Place Léon Boyer – 37130 Langeais – price: €3.30

  • Bourgueil, on October 19th, 2014 at 11am in the cinema “L’Amicale” – Place Mail Orye”- 37140 Bourgueil – price: €3.30
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