Langeais & Bourgueil

Il fera beau ce soir !… in Bourgueil


The Cirque Bidon presents the show “Il fera beau ce soir !…”

The cirque Bidon Compagny is currently on tour with its new and optimistic show, « Il fera beau ce soir » (The weather will be nice tonight). They will stop for a week in Bourgueil. Adults and Children will enjoy their aerial numbers and the horses number….an evening with laughs and poetry.

A unique play not to be missed !

The play “Il fera beau ce soir !…” was created in association with the town hall of magny (36) and the European House of poetry, in April and May 2014 when the artists stayed in the town.
Theatre, music, danse, singing, clowns, acrobatics, aerial numbers, horses… several arts are mixed together to tell you the stormy story of a family of acrobats. Some want to have house while others want to keep living on the streets

Zoom sur le cirque Bidon

Let’s focus on the Bidon Circus

At the start, “Bidon” was composed of a company of fairgrounds artists learning their art by doing. They did not bother with technical achievements at a time when circus schools did not exist. In 1974 when the company was created in Brittany this was a way of telling the audience: “Don’t complain, you had been warned !”.
The circus is back in France after touring in Italy for twenty years. It has settled down in the south of the Berry. They have their winter quarters there to spruce up the caravans and prepare their numbers. In the summer the circus goes on the road, not too far, not too fast to favour the art of living as well as that of laughing. They take time to make mistakes and to perfect their show. The maestro of the open-air circus dedicated to music, laughing and the unexpected says it himself: “Failure brings tenderness”.
Le Cirque Bidon is touring from May to September. Rates available on their website:

Practical Information

On July, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th 2014 at 9 pm on the parking of Campsite of Bourgueil
Prices : Adult : €12,00 – Children : €8,00 under 12
Groups : €10,00 and €6,00 for children under 12.
Free under 4.