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Bernard Sellier exhibition

La roue de Bernard Sellier

A 40 year retrosective of artistic creation

At the end of the year, the cultural space La Douve offers to revisit the work of the painter and sculptor Bernard Sellier. From drawing to painting, pottery to sculpture, porcelain to bronze… The exhibition is an “invitation au voyage” in a creative universe full of light, roundness and lightness.
© Philippe Bréchet

“Sculpting is learning to see”

Born in 1942 in the region of Paris, Bernard Sellier models and shapes clay since the age of five. After having practiced many jobs, he chose in 1973 to devote himself exclusively to sculpture.
“The artist doesn’t have to imitate the reality and should show it as he sees it”, Bernard Sellier confides. For more than 40 years, he has been sharing his embossed and aerial perception of the world and women throughout exhibitions and works commissioned by cities and companies (Haumont, Saint-Amand-les-Eaux (59), Tours, Rochecorbon, Notre Dame d’Oé (37), EDF, Cofiroute…).
In his workshop in Mazières-de-Touraine, the crafty artist freely expresses his love for clay, drawing, color, metal and above all… bronze.

“Bronze captures light, takes it, posseses it, and renders it”

Le grand saut de Bernard Sellier

It’s a matter’s and light’s play. Bernard Sellier’s sculptures must be discovered by going around them. Shapes appear suddenly as light touches the sculptures’ curves that shadows outline. Lost-wax bronzes casted by Carole, Bernard Sellier’s wife, take on beautiful tints that vary at the whim of baking, whose nuances appears thanks to light. The exhibition doesn’t neglect to highlight the many aspects of Bernard Sellier’s creativity: color and drawing are not left behind. Actually, the artist loves reworking his preliminary studies from which arise unique works echoing back to his sculptures. Aerial and full of light, this retrospective of the work of Bernard Sellier arouses amazement.

Useful information

Bernard Sellier exhibition

From november 29th to december 21st 2014 at the Cultural space La Douve in Langeais.
From wednesday to sunday, from 2pm to 6pm.
Free entrance.
More information : +33 (0)2 47 96 54 39.