Langeais & Bourgueil

Château of Champchevrier

In the heart of a large wooded site, visit a lively castle, which has been inhabited by the same family for three centuries. Built in the Renaissance then embellished during the XVIIIth century, it is protected by moats still filled with water. Louis XI and Louis XIII came to hunt in this well-stocked with game setting. From the kitchens with their impressive collection of copper ustensils to sumptuously decorated reception rooms, you will be thrilled by the fine interior, the Regency furniture and the exceptional suite of XVIIth century tapestries. Meals of the dogs on Thursdays at 5h30pm from July 12 to August 16. Night visit on august 14 at 8h30 pm. Special events during the Heritage Days. Possibility to rent rooms for special occasion.


Périodes d'ouverture :

du 15/06/2018 au 16/09/2018 : de 10:00 à 18:00 (sauf Sunday morning)

Ouvert toute l'année pour les groupes sur réservation (+20 pers.). Dimanche et jours fériés ouvert de 14:00 à 18:00

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Visites individuelles :

Visite libre saisonnière : from June 15th to September 17th, 2017
Visite guidée saisonnière : from June 15th to September 17th, 2017
Visite animée saisonnière : August 14th and September 17th, 2017
Visite nocturne saisonnière : 17/08/2018
Durée moyenne de la visite : 00:45

Visites de groupes :

Visite libre saisonnière : from June 15th to September 21st
Visite guidée saisonnière : From January 1st to December 31st 2017
Durée moyenne de la visite : 01:15


Full adult price 9,50 €
Child rate 7,00 € (7/16yo)
Free rate (-7yo)
Group rate de 7,50 € à 8,50 € (+ 20 pers. 7,50€ in season - 8,50€ upon reservation the reste of the day)
Free rate (For chauffeur and guide)
Discount rate 4,50 € (Mobility impaired people)
de 30,00 € à 30,00 € (2 adults + 2 children)

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Carte bleue
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Holiday vouchers
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